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With a strong demonstration of integrity and quality, POLPLAS aims to support its clients in productivity, safety and profitability in all projects, whilst constantly exceeding the clients expectation.


In an industry strong in metallurgical technical support, POLPLAS are dedicated to filling the void of polymer knowledge by maintaining a strong technical bias and focusing on sound research, training, safety and procedural standardization.


POLPLAS Services is a successful independent service provider since 2012. The owner and founder, Nigel Peach, has amassed 3 decades of trusted, expert knowledge in the polymer industry and has worked extensively with plastics, rubbers, composite materials and specializes in plastic pipe, HDPE, PVC, MDPE and FRP.


  • Nigel Peach of POLPLAS has worked to train myself and others in our company in the “art” of HDPE fusion so that we can provide an excellent product and service to our customers. He doesn’t say “do this, because I said so”, he takes the time to teach the theory and the science behind it so we understand why we do things the way we do. He uses colourful mental word pictures to teach and makes the class time just as good as the hands on training. It is a pleasure to work with him.

    Brian Impey
    President at Gazelle's Oilfield service
  • Nigel Peach of POLPLAS applied sound Engineering Principles in providing us with excellent diagnostic advice on a major custom-made size HDPE potable water transmission main break repair work. He continued to provide field diagnostics that helped on the spot decisions to facilitate the Contractor in completing remedial mitigation work on this HDPE pipe at 7 other intersections expeditiously. His professional knowledge and experience in the HDPE pipe industry will continue to contribute towards the application and diagnostic remediation work for HDPE pipe for EPCOR.

    His background in polymers will also contribute towards assessment of the long term performance of fusible PVC pipe usage in North America in the future. He is down to earth, trustworthy with integrity and forthright in letting his peers, clients know about his findings. His humour can also brighten the day and fun to work with.

    Frank Lau
    Manager Engineering Support at EPCOR
  • Nigel knows more about heat fusion joining of large diameter PE pipes than anyone else I know. He has always been very willing to share his understanding of the details, interactions and outcomes in heat fusion joining in a totally direct and straight-forward way.

    Dr. Bryan Hauger Ph. D
    Consultant at Hauger Consulting, Inc.
  • I have worked with Nigel many times. So when we experienced failures on HDPE qualification testing for Shell, I did not hesitate to contact POLPLAS. He responded quickly and effectively and reported on his findings. He determined that our designated test house was performing the tests with equipment that was damaging the coupons and giving us false results. We decided that it was in our best interest to bring Nigel directly to the project and have him perform all of the remaining testing. His support was also invaluable when dealing with the project engineers that did not have the same level of expertise in HDPE pipe. His working knowledge of standards proved very useful and showed that the client provided procedures that we were working with, were not in all aspects accurate.

    Josh Billesberger
    Project Manager at TFL Industrial
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